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Tutor with us

Join C2A Tutoring to assist us in changing the lives and futures of students all throughout Victoria.


Start earning with us!



To begin tutoring, we require that you have an ABN and a Working with Children's check. Click the registration button to sign up. Registering takes about 5 minutes once you have all the relevant documents.


Undertake an interview

Our team will book in a zoom interview with you as part of the enrolment procedure.


Apply to take on new students

If you are accepted after the interview, students will be assigned to you. When a student requests a lesson, you will be notified by email or text message. You can choose to accept or decline a student’s request.


Keep your eye out

Check your emails and text messages regularly as this is where you will be informed about new jobs.


Start tutoring

 Please keep in mind that the first lesson is a trial lesson so your first impression is everything!

Don't worry, we will help you every step of the way.

Hey guys! I’m Sasha and I graduated in 2020 with an ATAR of 94. I received study scores of 40+ in both Legal and English and am currently tutoring both subjects for C2A Tutoring. I have just begun studying a double degree in Law/International Studies at Deakin University in Geelong.

I have only recently begun my career in tutoring, but my love for educating others grows every day. C2A Tutoring was a crucial aspect in nurturing my love for my job. This is a job that I do part-time while studying full time at university. Throughout my time as a tutor, I have come to find that this is an incredibly rewarding job.


I learn more things than I teach every day and the students I tutor make me realise that the world is going to become a better place someday.

Of course, my most fundamental intention of being an academic tutor is that to ensure that students can achieve their academic goals. However, it does not stop there. The role of a tutor extends to ensuring that my students feel healthy, comfortable, and safe when I am tutoring. I hope to inspire my students to be their best self.

Tutoring gives me the ability to do what I love whilst learning at the same time. It is an incredible opportunity for me to change the world through education.


model tutor

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Why do you need an ABN?

What is the purpose of having an ABN?

The government utilises Australian Business Numbers to identify businesses. You are starting a business if you obtain one (which you are if you generate money through any methods other than direct employment). You are an independent business (operating as a sole trader) that we contract opportunities to. 

C2A Tutoring provides best practice guidance, materials, and assistance for tutors, but you should have all you need to work as a tutor before beginning to work with us. Our relationship comprises of a network of tutors, and we assist by matching you with students also providing continuous assistance and relationship management.

Benefits of an ABN?

- You have the option of tutoring online, in person, or both as a tutor.
- For many of our university tutors, our rates are significantly higher than those in retail and other industries.
- There is no PAYG tax withheld from your pay, and you can deduct expenditures incurred while running your business.

You can use your ABN to outsource your expertise to other companies.

Why am I eligible for an ABN?

Many of our tutors have difficulty comprehending their eligibility when applying for an ABN. To explain:

- You own and operate an independent tutoring business; we're building a network to connect you with opportunities (students). We handle marketing and use our revenue to launch marketing campaigns before giving the opportunity to independent contractors who work with us.

-You handle and pay your own income tax and GST to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

- You are not bound by our network and are free to find your own private students, register with competitive agencies, and so on.

- We send you invoices every two weeks for your work!

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