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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the class sizes?
    Private classes are one on one. We can also organise small group classes which range from 4-8 students. We limit the number of students who can join group sessions to ensure that all students are able to receive high quality lessons and feedback.
  • How do I enrol into private tutoring?
    Due to students and tutors different timing availabilities, the number of hours of tutoring required per week and the location of the lesson, if you would like private tutoring, please contact C2A Tutoring so we can find the best tutor for you.
  • Does C2A tutoring offer a money back guarantee if students are not happy with their first lesson?
    Absolutely! If a student isn’t satisfied with the quality of a tutoring session, we’ll issue a full refund. This is, however, a rare occurrence at C2A Tutoring, as we invest significant time, energy and funds into ensuring that students are presented with the ultimate and most comprehensive tutoring programs.
  • What subjects do you cover?
    Our speciality lies in the English, Mathematics, Science , Research and Commerce subjects.
  • Does C2A Tutoring offer discounts for multiple subjects?
    In general, C2A Tutoring has a ‘no discount’ policy for multiple subject enrolments. Instead, we offer the lowest possible hourly fee so that every student can benefit from our tutoring, irrespective of their financial circumstances or number of enrolled subjects. Further, we view your investment into C2A Tutoring as a vital investment into your future.
  • Does C2A Tutoring give students exam-style questions?
    The notes that are given to students who attend C2A Tutoring lessons come complete with a large collection of examination-style questions – significantly more than that offered by other tuiton providers!
  • Who are the tutors
    C2A Tutoring selects the highest quality tutors who have attained very high study scores in the subjects that they tutor. High school and primary school tutors have extensive knowledge in the Victorian curriculum and they are able to teach the content to a very high standard.
  • How do I pay my tutor?
    C2A Tutoring will charge your credit or debit card automatically after each lesson. You will receive a confirmation email alerting you when payment has been processed. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Payments are processed securely and safely through Stripe, one of the world’s trusted and most secure online payment processors. What are the benefits for you? There’s no need to manually pay invoices saving you much needed time. Your credit card will only be charged after the lesson occurs. You will be able to keep track of all of your payments in your online account, so you can rest assured know only occurred lessons will ever be charged.
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