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The Benefits of C2A Tutoring Courses

Trusted Teaching Methods

We Put our Students First

Our proven methodologies and teaching techniques at C2A Tutoring are guaranteed to boost test scores and build confidence in all students, no matter their starting point. There are no tricks or shortcuts - just tried and true strategies for success. Our teaching practices ensure and support the learning culture and student development in a familiar and a trusted manner. The class lessons, activities, home tasks and learning material used to deliver lessons are designed to deliver comprehensive learning.

Making Art

Program Structure

Rigorous Study. Real Results.

Our curriculum is in line with the Australian and Victorian curriculum. We work with the most popular schools to ensure our teaching strategies accommodate the range of texts used by different schools. For each subject delivered, we provide 20 learning classes each term and an assessment week. Each learning class covers a curriculum topic using a range of resources, both, text and interactive. Home tasks are provided for the week and are discussed in the following classes.

Top Faculty

Our Competitive Advantage

Our tutors, with their extensive experience in teaching and learning management, work within our structure, teaching methodology, and curriculum in delivering the real outcomes.

Our tutors aim to prepare students for life challenges by developing their knowledge and determined approach.

Teacher Helping Student
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